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Company History

Xpedium, a Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. (NCS) Company

NCS was started as a service bureau company in 1967 specifically focused on the Dairy Industry in the New York Metropolitan area. NCS has a long history of innovation and today is a leader in mobility technology solutions with a core focus on the direct store delivery (DSD) route accounting (host OTC and mobile) components of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supply chain. NCS Xpedium is a one stop source for complete DSD solutions and currently offers the greatest breadth of integrated and complimentary products and the highest level of experienced industry consultants. NCS is a profitable privately run company. The US based company owns all the IP and also owns four regional companies based in Puerto Rico, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia. NCS has a diverse group of over 200 discreet customers on a global basis which has helped drive the extremely deep and rich set of features within the core set of products: eRMS, xLink, xRoute, and Location Based Services which includes a Global Positioning (GPS) On Board Computer product line and hosted portal. Our systems represent an accumulation of over 40 years of significant business knowledge and best practices for a cross section of market segments with specific emphasis on the Consumer Goods and Services, Industrial Goods and Services, and Transportation and Logistics Industries as well as targeted solutions in Field Services.

In 2008, NCS initiated a major expansion in North America creating the Xpedium subsidiary focused on mobile applications across the target industries such as Proof of Delivery, Fleet Management, Asset Management as well as the Route Management applications for the FMCG Industry including DSD. Xpedium recruited several industry veterans from both the supply side and buy side of the mobility equation to bring a unique perspective and fresh approach to companies desiring substantially improved results and return for their investment in information technology focused on Sales and Distribution. The considerable .NET software assets that NCS had developed over the past ten years could be leveraged heavily to build out Ready-to-Work © applications such as Proof of Delivery (xPOD) and various Field Services applications for niche market segments.

In addition, Xpedium would leverage the many years of relationship and experience in working for and with the leading mobile hardware providers and implementing their product lines, to enhance and grow the general mobility consulting practice which would include hardware procurement, system integration, implementation support services and post sales service and support.

The Xpedium company culture is driven by our mission statement: Xpedium will develop and bring to market exciting break-through technology in its’ mobility application platforms and consulting services which will meet or exceed a broad range of industry requirements, facilitate rapid development and implementation by nature, while still allowing a customer centric focus and delivering tailored solutions that meet individual client needs and accelerate specific ROI goals.