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Company Overview, Products and Services

• Xpedium Business Model

Xpedium is both a full-service Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for all the major hardware and device manufacturers of Industrial Grade Mobile Handheld Computers, Mobile and Desktop Printers, Data Capture and Peripherals products. Xpedium markets and delivers hardware, software and professional service solutions on a global basis in conjunction with its’ parent company NCS’s Regional Operating Companies and Global Alliance Partners. Xpedium and NCS personnel have a long history of successful experience within the Automated Identification and Data Collection Industry (AIDC) as being a long time premier reseller of many companies such as Intermec Technologies, Inc. for over 25 years. Annual revenues associated with hardware and associated services average approximately 30%, software applications licensing and consulting 40% and long term maintenance and support contracts 30%.

• Employees and Departments

Total company (55), R&D (11), Technical Support (10), Professional Services (11), QA (3), Help Desk (8), Sales/Account Management (6), and G&A (6). U.S. headquarters is in Hauppauge NY. R&D and software development is primarily located in NY and New Zealand along with U.S. help desk. Consultants and Sales are located in NY and field offices with several of the Xpedium senior executives. Average employee has been with the company in excess of 10 years and all senior consultants and executives have in excess of 20 years experience in relevant solutions development and implementation.

• Mobility Professional Services

Business Consulting and ROI Analysis, Fleet Management Solution Design and Application Development, Mobile Computing Solution Design and Development, Education and Training Services, Rollout Services, Loading Software, Wireless Carrier Provisioning, Custom Kitting, Overall Shipping/Implementation Logistics and Vehicle Installation Services including wiring and vehicle mount solution design and installation. Xpedium provides Tier 2 help desk support and diagnostics for hardware and software products via both hotline and onsite support.

• Location Based Services

A suite of specialized consulting services and products including an Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR) or On Board Computing (OBC) device with GPS and GSM cellular, Jbus Telematics Interface, Dashboard Terminal for navigation, Hours of Service (HOS), Messaging, Dispatch and other applications including a hosted web portal that provides a comprehensive suite of fleet management, data communications and data exchange services and applications.

• xLink

Middleware for mobile route data management, electronic document archiving, specialized sales reporting, dashboards, and both wireless and wired communications to handheld computers and other mobile devices involved in route operations. Additional capabilities can include application and report writer configuration and device management. xLink integrates with customer business solution or ERP to be the front-end data communications manager for the mobile computer install base. Specialized sales and merchandising functionality within xLink provides sales management with the ability to create surveys, assign customer related tasks and messaging for execution on the routes and gain real-time feedback on performance. xLink can be offered with various fleet management reporting modules including Google Map engine for fleet management.

• xRoute

A fourth generation Windows Mobile C# .NET Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that provides extensive and very rich mobility route functionality for Sales, Delivery and Merchandising in both company-owned and independent distributor operations. xRoute has been designed in a true service oriented architecture (SOA) that allows configuration to most customer requirements in the areas of business rules, document design (i.e. delivery manifests, load sheets, invoices, etc) and screen design without software programming. The flexibility provided by the xRoute suite of designer tools dramatically reduces the time to deployment, risk of project overruns, and long term TCO in terms of ongoing software modifications. xRoute has been installed in many different types of field mobility operations with over 200 customers world-wide. Customization of xRoute to meet specialized customer requirements is done by Xpedium field consultants and developers with significant mobility experience. xRoute can run on any Windows Mobile device and Xpedium tests and certifies the application on a wide variety of devices from its hardware vendor partners to provide customers with a very competitive pricing environment of model choices, technology and service options.

Xpedium has pre-configured the xRoute platform to create several standard applications which can be further customized based on customer requirements. These applications have been branded with the name Ready-to-Work and include configurations for Sales, Delivery, Merchandising, Proof of Delivery and Field Service.

• eRMS

A comprehensive suite of route management and accounting applications that facilitates processing of all Order to Cash (OTC) transactions associated with DSD Route Operations: Presales, Delivery, Peddle Sales and Merchandising for both company-owned and independent distributor type sales organizations. eRMS (Enterprise Route Management System) is a fifth generation solution encompassing more than 40 years of DSD route experience. Pricing, promotions, order management, load creation, load balancing, delivery/distribution, inventory, invoicing, accounts receivable, collections, route settlement, trade assets and reporting are a partial list of the eRMS functionality. eRMS is hardware and data base agnostic in that it can run on iSeries, Windows or Linux UX based OS computing platforms. The services oriented architecture of eRMS and use of internet standard interfaces enables efficient system configuration based on your specific environment. They also allow you to respond quickly to evolving customer requirements and integrate to other systems, such as ERP, EDI, BI, GDSN, WMS, etc to gain the most from the total Enterprise processing environment. eRMS is used as a standalone solution or as the DSD Route Accounting System (RAS) front-end to many ERP solutions including Oracle, JD Edwards, Baan, BPCS and SAP.