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•   Start-of-Day log-in procedures and business rules drive options such as: message review,
    DOT compliant vehicle inspection and other mandatory or optional activities associated with
    route scheduling, GPS vehicle tracking or HOS logging
•   Multiple loads can be available each day and assigned to any delivery route.
•   Loads can be downloaded from ERP and presented or manually entered with bar code
•   Prior day or period (AM/PM) route orders can be selected for an auto load and then adjusted
•   Load by customer order, by route or combination
•   Presold customer orders can be reserved inventory segregated from available stock for
    peddle selling
•   Load by cases, units, kit or combination
•   Load by truck, compartments and bays by package, flavor or customer order
•   Load adjustments under optional password security & signature capture for both checker and
    sales person
•   Adjustments entered as add/cuts or replacement value
•   Checkout can be a blind count or load quantities displayed or printed for visual verification and
    variances entered
•   Load sheets can be formated by group, category, package, product, customer order and
•   Adjustments and check out can be made at any time based on business rules and uploaded to
    ERP prior to servicing the first customer
•   Loads can be received into multiple inventories, truck, cage, bin
•   Multiple perpetual inventories can be managed day to day
•   Transfers from Cage to truck, truck to truck or truck to warehouse under optional password
    security and signature capture
•   Report writer allows easy low-cost customization of inventory reports
•   Inventory can roll from day to day until inventory settlement performed
•   Available inventory reports and display can be accessed anytime
•   Business rules direct work flow to insure company Route Accounting financial controls are
    adhered to